Meet The Team

Jenn Cibrone: Owner & Founder

I'm beyond grateful and thankful to do something I love each and every day. Volleyball has always been apart of my life and has given me so much happiness.

I was always envious of my husband who loved coaching college volleyball as his profession, I was stuck in corporate America seeking my direction and passion in life. We took a mission trip to Costa Rica and we fell in love with the lifestyle and philosophy of living life to the fullest, Pura Vida!  I have never worked retail but loved business and was ready for a challenge to start my own business to create something meaningful. I was finishing up my Master's Degree focusing my business plan on creating Pura Vida Volleyball. 

Volleyball has lead me to meeting my husband, my best friends, my weekend entertainment, my exercise, my stress-relieve, meeting amazing people with the same passion, and so much more!  I'm excited to continue to grow my business with the focus on great customer service and creating fun volleyball items while giving back to others.  I'm inspired by the sport of volleyball and trying my best each and every day to live life to the fullest.  


Monica Ewalt: Creative Director & Co-Founder

Volleyball has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. Growing up with two athletic sisters provided a lifestyle of healthy competition, hard work and lots of fun! I have brought that lifestyle to Pura Vida Volleyball and I am extremely grateful to be a part of a company that shares the mantra of “living life to the fullest!”

As a former player, college and club level coach for more than 15 years, I bring a unique perspective to the Pura Vida team. My experience allows me to provide our customers with the quality products they value and demand. As the Co-Founder and Creative Director, I take pride in identifying the top industry trends and getting those products to our customers all over the country.

Volleyball has allowed me to travel the world and I am grateful to have met people from different cultural backgrounds. I have been inspired by these individuals and hope to inspire others through volleyball and style.   


Mariah Embry: Marketing Director

I love animals, fitness activities, art, & our beautiful planet. Growing up in a small town in the Midwest kept my knowledge of volleyball to be 6 on 6 sand at the Irish Sports Restaurant I worked at (Boy was I in for a shock!). Upon moving to beautiful St. Petersburg, FL I was quickly informed that real beach volleyball is a whole different animal! I fell in love & knew that this was the sport I would want to play for the rest of my life. Being able to work within the field that I love has been nothing short of a dream. The volleyball community is full of such fun loving people that I couldn't imagine not being a part of; including the AMAZING Pura Vida Volleyball Team <3. 

As the Pura Vida Volleyball Marketing Director I love getting to know as many of our volleyball loving customers as possible. Getting to use my creative background, I am involved in product development where I take what I have learned directly from you to make innovative & fun product designs! 

Getting to work hands on with different non for profits has been an incredible experience. Working for such a giving company makes it easy to want to give it my all. Our partnership with the Florida Dream Center has caused me to look at life through so many different perspectives. Pura Vida is a huge part of my life & I can confidently say that I love the life I live & am living the life I love.