Volleyball Mom's Must Know on Game Day

MOMS, Get Ready to ACE & KILL on volleyball tournament day with these insider tips!

♥ BEFORE heading to the event, CLEAN OUT your purse/tote. Your volleyball player will need you to keep some goodies of HERS in YOUR bag while she serves & spikes.  Don’t be “that Mom” — digging away the entire match in your bag —  who needs 18 pens anywho?

♥PRO-Tip!l Pack disinfectant spray for uniforms, knee pads & shoes. On a weekend volleyball tournament the LAST thing you need is to wake up to the smell of rotting, sweaty remnants of yesterday’s WIN!

♥Liquid Capital: Of course, you have plenty of water on hand.  Don’t forget your cold hard cash for those MUST HAVE tournament T-shirts!

♥SCORE with Universal Scoreboard The volleyball scoreboard is always placed in the least visible location for spectators.  

♥Have unwavering LOYALTY to the team as well as to your frequent tournament stops.  Think Starbucks Loyalty Card, Hotel Rewards Programs, etc.. Do the legwork to set up your perks NOW & enjoy your volleyball MOM advantages long term 

♥Sign Up Genius! “Who is bringing what?” can quickly turn into a modern day MOM rendition of, “Who’s on first, What’s on second, I Don’t Know is on third…” DON’T. Get http://www.signupgenius.com & share the volunteer load with your team parents.

♥Comfort Zone: All day volleyball tournament cheering can be brutal to the booty! Bring tailgate chairs for between game downtime, seat cushions for bleacher seats & dress in (cute) layer

♥Portable Universal Charger so that you can text updates to family & friends all tournament long! Carry in your pocket or freshly cleaned purse 

Most important enjoy your weekend and be the best cheerleader for your daughter as she needs all your support!!